KaMic 36" x 80" Environment Damage Resistant Polyurethane Composite Exterior Entry House Front Door, Wrought Iron Door w/ Openable Tempered Rain Glass Window, Left-Hand Single Door Inward Swing Dark Walnut - Model #: ED02L3C3680S-C

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Product Description

The KaMic House front door is made with high density environmental Polyurethane composite. The KaMic exterior door is prehung and prefinished. The specially designed material made the KaMic exterior door to stand out from other type material exterior doors. Compared to fiberglass doors, it is solid, durable, drillable, cuttable, screwable, and nailable. Also by taking advantage of the high-density composite material, which makes the door to be temperature and humidity resistant. Our customer is hassle-free due to these weather impacts happening to regular wood doors, such as getting mildew due to humid weather, or wood cracked due to dry weather. This high-durability front door is a combination of style and practicality, a low-maintenance product.


About this item

  • Model number: ED02L3C3680S-C
  • Product Dimension: 36" x 80" x 1.75", weight 180 lbs, NFD: 37.25" x 81" x 5.25", (Door Width) 36-inch.
  • Resistant to hot and cold temperature, as well as humid or dry weather.
  • Made with a high-density environmental Polyurethane composite and wrought iron.
  • Openable rain glass isolated double layers tempered glass with removable magnetic-touch iron window screen.
  • Prehung, pre-finished with Q-long weather strips, help to prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Ball bearing hinges offer smooth operation and help to prevent door sagging and hinge ware.
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum height adjustable threshold to ensure tight seal.
  • Include: adjustable Threshold, Ball Bearing Hinges, Casing and Brickmold, Double Layer Tempered Rain Glass.
  • Raised or Sunk Molding on both sides.
  • Bore hole brick set 2.38 inches.
  • Covered with 2-year limited manufacturer parts warranty to cover material defects.